#Account #Management makes everything better. Sustaining the business on the #ecommerce platform is the new challenge the marketplace is now facing. The communication gap between the buyer-seller is well understood by us and we at #Bridge2Businessproactively strive for continuous engagement of customers to protect your business from any disputes. The performance of the account is continuously gauged and adequate course of actions are taken to let your business contract always be aligned with the e-commerce policies. 
#Bridge2Business enhances the account performance by continuously improving the following parameters: Order defect rate Cancellation rate Late Dispatch rate Policy Violation Buyer messages response time Positive customer reviews Reduction in customer A2Z claims. #Bridge2Business is one stop solution to manage the selling of products on ecommerce platforms to stay competitive in the market. We have innovative ideas to match your every requirement and challenges encompassing sales, item lists, order management, customer support and promotion. The account management services primarily includes – Accurate and precise listing of products on ecommerce platform by numerous procedures – listing loader & flat file formats to name a few. Complete assistance with image and cataloging of the products. Complete Order management, starting from creation of shipment label and packaging list, confirmation of shipments, cancellation of orders and scheduling of pickups. Shipment creation for warehouse allocation and its tracking on behalf of clients. Enhanced Buyer-seller communication for customer engagement and brand building. Timely management of Returns & Refunds as per #eCommerce platform policy.

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