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E-commerce Stats & Prospects

Growing Demand

“India’s ecommerce sector can create over 10 Lakh jobs by 2023”
-NASSCOM President

Skill Demand and Supply Gap

Demand for E-commerce experts is growing at a much faster pace than the supply of employable people in the sector. 



Limitless Career

Inspite of E-Commerce being very nascent in India it provides a well defined path for anyone looking for an amazing career growth.

Course Features

Theory & Practical

Understand the fundamental concepts and know-how of e-commerce with theory as well as practical sessions.

Timing & Course Duration

BEE is a 30 day classroom program.

Continuous Evaluation

We believe in continuous assessment of our students with theoretical & practical tests, Group Discussions and Interviews.

Class Rooms

Fully AC class rooms with projector & proper seating arrangements.


BEE certificate is awarded after a student has successfully completed the training program.

What will you Learn ?

Fundamentals of E-commerce

Understand the fundamentals of ecommerce with factors like Product Visibility and Conversion. Familiarise yourself with the language of online selling.

Launching Business Online

First step to e-commerce success begins with online launch. Understand what it takes to make a business online.

Listing Products on Marketplaces

Understand what details you need to provide to list products on marketplaces across categories.

Understanding Product Fulfilment

ECommerce fulfillment is a crucial element of success in online retail. Learn about the various fulfillment options.

Managing Account Health

Marketplaces have rules and regulations to control the quality of customer experience. Understand the policies and assessment parameters.

Analysing Sales & Profits

You will learn the methods of reading and analysing sales and traffic reports and build strategies that skyrocket online sales.

Advertising & Promoting Products

Advertisement on marketplace platforms is crucial to sales growth. Learn how to create successful campaigns to get the best ROI.

Managing Feedback & Reputation

Positive feedback and Reviews are the pillars of awesome online sales. Learn how to control negative feedback and manage reputation to ensure great online business.


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