Majorly two social media platforms Facebook and Instagram are providing a complete ecosystem for the business to grow.

But time to time changes in the functioning of these social media platforms creates an impact.

  • Latest Update of removal of Shopping Tab on Instagram.

This update is done to improve user experience on Instagram which is impactful for businesses but meta confirms that businesses will still be able to sell on Instagram.

How Social Commerce can Help Your Business?

Social Media has more than 2.93 billion users actively using it every day.

The average usage time is about 3 hours for the young generation on Facebook and Instagram every day.

  • Tap on the footfall of potential customers

Such an enormous availability of people on social media, makes room to create valuable customers for a business.

For example : A product seller can focus on a certain age group , interests of a social media user, which can contribute towards sales.

Steps to know to start with Social Commerce

A business can start by creating presence on social media 

  • The Initial Step 

Make a business page on Facebook and Instagram, set it up to give precise information to a visitor about the services, charges and how they can reach you.

  • Branding for your Business

To stand out from the competition , create a brand which includes engaging post work , which can be 

  • Entertaining for your followers.
  • Promotion of your services
  • Informational and useful for the current followers and to get new ones.
  • Giveaways , Special Discounts
  • Competitions to create a community effect for your customers.
  • Customer reviews as feedback of your services.

How do all the above steps help your Business?

All this active participation with your followers , increases brand recall , develops trust in the mind of customers , to take your service or to buy your products.

Paid Ads : The actual fuel to social commerce

Facebook as a network provides facility of creating advertisements for businesses to generate end goal results which can be 

  1. Leads 
  2. Calls
  3. Product Sale

Target your customers with a Sales Funnel

Paid Ads gives you functions to understand the behavior of the interactive audience with your advertisement.

From which you can learn to target those who are more likely to buy the product and with the new availability of data , you can improve the sales numbers over the period by creating events such as 

  • Add to Cart
  • Purchase 
  • Page Visits
  • Registrations
  • Purchase Behaviour

Statistics of Social Commerce Results 

  • Worldwide social commerce business is at the revenue of 724 billion USD
  • 28 % online shopping takes place on social media platforms like facebook, Instagram, whatsapp and YouTube.
  • 77% of new products are introduced and are discovered for the first time with an audience on social media.

These numbers are increasing every year, 2023 can prove to be the game changer for your business, it’s high time to make the best of social commerce.

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