Remove Negative seller feedback

What is Seller Feedback?
We live in a time where customer reviews can make or break a business. And the buyer has more opportunities than ever before to let their voice be heard! But we are all aware of the universal truth (no matter what kind of business you have) is that angry customers are much more likely to leave you negative reviews than happy customers are to leave positive reviews. Keep reading to know about ways in which you can remove negative seller feedback on Amazon.

Why Does Seller Feedback Matter?
As far as Amazon is concerned, your seller feedback rating is really an important parameter. Amazon deeply values the buyer experience and they don’t want bad sellers tarnishing their brand by providing bad customer experience.

How to remove the negative feedback?
You cannot prevent negative seller feedback, but you can follow the right steps to remove it or at the very least minimize the effect of one lone review on your overall seller rating.

  1. Remove Negative Feedback On Amazon By Contacting Amazon Directly:
    Amazon has a list of situations in which they can remove buyer feedback. If they agree to remove those notorious negative feedback, the impact of the feedback will be removed from your overall feedback score as well.
    Amazon will remove a negative feedback in the following cases:

    1. The feedback includes words commonly understood to be obscene or profane
    2. The feedback includes seller-specific, personally identifiable information, including email addresses, telephone numbers or full names.
    3. The entire feedback comment is a product review
      Amazon elaborates on that last point by stating, “if the comment contains both a product review and feedback about your service, we will not remove the feedback.”
      If you think that any of these cases apply to your situation, you can proceed with this step and submit an Amazon feedback removal request.
  1. Have Amazon Strike-Through Buyer Feedback
    In some cases, Amazon does not remove the feedback from your account, but they will strike-through it. Feedback marked through by Amazon after submitting an amazon feedback removal request
    Amazon actually strikes through the original feedback and then adds a “Message from Amazon” with more information.
    Just like the feedback removal, the strike-through will remove the impact of the feedback from your overall score. The only difference is that buyers will still be able to see the comment and rating.
  1. Contact the Buyer Directly
    Generally, you would be lucky with getting a strike-through or removal. But sometimes a negative review does not fulfil the Amazon feedback removal request criteria. In that case, if you still feel that the negative feedback was unwarranted, you can contact the buyer directly to get the issue resolved.
    In fact, Amazon encourages you to first resolve the buyer’s concerns before reaching out to them about feedback. Here is the exact wording of their policy.
    How to handle negative seller feedback on Amazon
  2. Get More Positive Feedback
    Get more feedback!
    This will happen naturally as you continue to sell more products. We often find that sometimes we may go a few weeks without getting any feedback and then suddenly we will get several right in a row. Things can change quickly on Amazon!

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