Different types of Amazon badges you should aspire for!

Different types of Amazon badges you should aspire for!

How to leverage Amazon badges to boost your sales!

Amazon being the biggest platform in the world for selling and purchasing products has made a huge impact in the Indian market as well. 

The platform provides amazing opportunities for the new sellers to increase their visibility in the eyes of customers through many ways. 

Though one of the easiest methods to gain eyeballs on the amazon website is through the ppc campaign, it offers you even better options to break the competition line and stand tall to attract more and more customers. 

One such method is gaining Amazon badges 


What are Amazon Badges?

Amazon badges are the special preference with visible tags for the customers to identify the best seller and quality products among millions of same product sellers. These badges improve your sales conversion. 

For example you must have seen the best seller badge at the bottom of the product, which indicates that it is among trusted products with quality built and good reviews. 


Some of the major Amazon badges

Best seller:-

Best seller badge is among the top badges which a seller gains on hourly basis, which is a great assurance for increasing sales but the bestselling badge updates every hour and can definitely go to a different seller based on the number of product sales per hour.


Amazon choice:-

Another great amazon badge is amazon choice which initially started as an echo for streamlines on the platform but was later reintroduced with a variety of different products. 

The badge gives you an edge with an assurance from amazon itself, as the platform is recommending the product on its own behalf, which in turn will increase the seller’s sale and profits. 

The badge is keyword centric, with great quality assurance and expensive number good reviews to leverage by a seller.




Deal of the Day:-

Deal of the day is another amazon badge which promotes popular products on amazon at discounted prices for the time period of day alone. This gives an opportunity to numbers of sellers to increase their chances to sell products for a time being of a day and customers get a great discounted price to choose from. 




Limited-time Deal:-

Through a limited time deal badge as a seller you can promote your product on discounted rates for the set time which intrigues a lot of customers to order before the sale time gets over. 

This has proved to be one of the most successful badges over the years for millions of users in different categories. 




Coupon codes are discounted offers on everyday products sellers are selling on amazon to attract customers in different categories .



Benefits of amazon badges

The main benefit of an amazon badge is that it attracts customers looking for the same categorical products instantly towards you; this in return increases your sales and revenue as an amazon seller. 

How to win amazon badges?

The best way to gain an amazon badge is by increasing your products sales on the ecommerce platform. As a new seller it’s not an easy task, to make your mark you have to advertise your products with amazon PPC, work on getting positive reviews, comply with Amazon policies and much more. 

The challenge with advertisement appears when a new seller don’t have any relevant experience with the advertising campaigns and burns a lot of cash without any proper sales funnel strategy. 


It is always advised to take professional help and increase your margins with set targets with a professional. 

Connect with us to design a sales strategy to win amazon badges which will in turn boost your sales.