Digital Marketing is reaching out and engaging with your customers through digital media such as laptops, mobiles, or tablets. It is about promoting your brand, interacting through digital media, and advertising, maintaining different campaigns, attracting leads, and then selling your products. All these happen digitally because the world is transforming to Digital!

Most people know about Digital Marketing jobs but they are not aware of other lucrative career opportunities in Digital Marketing. Demand for Digital marketing is increasing at an alarming rate. According to recent research, 50% of respondents received a hike in their salary, two-thirds relieved bonuses and 61% said that they are hiring new employees. More than 150,000 Digital Jobs are predicted by 2020. Digital professionals are not enough to fill the vacancy. Imagine the world in 2020. Digital will rule the world. You can be its ruler with the digital marketing techniques in your fist. In fact, by 2022, India will have the world’s single largest digital marketing industry. Projections are, over two million digital marketing jobs will be available by 2022 serving over 20 million micro, small and medium industries. If you have a creative mindset, you can earn a hefty amount just by digital marketing. Freelancing jobs, your own website, etc. are various ways that can pay you and at the same time make you a celebrity within your clan. Remember being different and advanced is always appreciated.

                                       If we talk about salary, then many people are still very confused about the salary that is to be received in Digital Marketing. As mentioned earlier, a lot of roles remain in digital marketing, on which the basis of your salary is defined. Here are some figures are given below and if you look at it properly, you will find that the salary and growth in it are also very good. With an experience of:

Predicted that 86% of all digital display ads will be presented via automation by the end of 2020. It has evolving marketing roles and is no longer limited to the CIO (Chief Information Officer). It has a high engagement ratio, so, the conversion rate is also high. By 2020, 50% of Global Marketers will see most of their business depending on their ability to create products and Services.

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