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Amazon Transparency

Protects your brand and customers from counterfeits.

  • Proactive counterfeit protection

    Amazon has implemented Transparency checks to proactively prevent counterfeits of Transparency-enabled products from reaching customers.

  • Authenticity verification by customers

    Transparency allows any customer to authenticate any Transparency-enabled product, regardless of where they purchase the product (Amazon, other ecommerce sites, brick and mortar stores, etc.).

  • Customer transparency

    In addition to enabling customers to authenticate products, brands can use Transparency to communicate unit-level product information, including manufacturing date, manufacturing place, enhanced product information (e.g., ingredients).

To enroll in Transparency, you will need:

Documents required: NA

Amazon Project Zero

The program expanded its availability and is no longer an invite-only program. It includes an automated tool and gives more power to brands. But Project Zero won’t simply remove third parties from a brand’s listings. Based on the terms outlined, it will likely serve as a stronger tool for brands to win the battle against illegitimate resellers

Meanwhile, Amazon is raising its expectations for brands that sell on the channel. For example, the Project Zero website states, “Brands must maintain a high bar for accuracy in order to maintain their Project Zero privileges.” So, for Project Zero to be as effective as possible, brands need to do their part. They will need to be proactive, follow guidelines, and prove quality control efforts.

To enroll in Project Zero, you will need:

Documents required: Trademark (registered)

Amazon Launchpad

  • Launch Support

    Accelerate your account setup & start selling on Amazon.

  • Marketing & Visibility

    Make your products stand out to the right customers at the right time.

  • Branded Content

    Leverage tools & services to engage your customers & increase conversion.

  • Premium Access

    Access an ever-evolving suite of tools that help you optimize your brand portfolio.

  • Insights

    Access powerful actionable insights derived from real customer behavior Brand Protection:- Protect your brand against abuse and create a trusted experience for customers.

To enroll in Launchpad, you will need:

Documents required: 

Amazon Saheli

To enroll in Amazon Saheli, you will need:

As this program is to empower women entrepreneurs, you need to be a woman entrepreneur. You also need to have the following minimum requirements to Sell on Amazon – Your proprietorship details, contact details, bank account, PAN Number, and GST.

You can write an email to and we will get in touch with you.

Documents required: 

Amazon Karigar

  • Higher Value

    People appreciate the hard work and sweat involved in any product and therefore, value them more than machine-manufactured products. The number of hours put in making each product earns much more recognition. This gives you a chance to stand out from the crowd by selling a product in demand and of much higher value. You may earn more profit through these products.

  • Customization

    Today is the time of customization. People just love getting everything customized for them, be it clothes, shoes, accessories, home interiors, or anything else. That’s where your skills get to be the hero. By offering the buyers exactly what they are looking for, which is not available in the market, you can swiftly make a mark in the marketplace. Your art gets recognition and you start to build a loyal customer base through your own niche.

  • Skill Refinement

    Selling handmade products also gives you a chance to polish your skills. With bulk orders coming in, you learn to refine the manufacturing process to meet the demand. Different requirements help you understand the market and buyers’ needs. Slowly your skills evolve and you become an expert in creating as well as selling your products. And this results in building a respectable brand in the online selling market.

  • Special Place

    Amazon Karigar Realizing the power of selling handmade products in the lives of sellers, Amazon started a program called ‘Amazon Karigar’. This program is especially dedicated to selling handmade products, enabling artisans to showcase ‘Made in India’ products to buyers. The step increases product visibility and shows the buyers just what they are looking for. Through this product categorization, the chances of sale of these products and making profits may increase.

Amazon gives the added benefit of a truly global customer base. It also offers several other services like fast shipping, cash on delivery options, secure payments, etc. So, it’s the moment to leverage these opportunities and make more money.

To enroll in Amazon Karigar, you will need:

All products listed for sale in the Amazon Handmade store must comply with the following eligibility requirements:

Documents required:

Amazon Local Shop

To enroll in Amazon Local Shop, you will need:

Documents required: NA

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