Salon Booking Management System With Mobile App

Salon Profile And Service Details

The Salon profile will be displayed in front of you to choose for the services you want to get it from. this can be easier for the suers to choose the service they want from.

Admin Panel of Barber

The Salon profile will be dispalyed in front of you to choice for the services you want to get it from. this can be easier for the suers to choose the service they want from.

Appointment Booking Process

The appointment booking screens allow users to appoint and avail the services of the beauty salon that has been provided by them. the appointment booking helps in booking pre-booking as well as canceling the appointments when needed.

Well Designed Home Page

The home screens in the user panel is the overview of the screens. shows the overall activity as well as the menu and tabs that are available in the applications.

Login, Register & Verification

Login using existing credentials or you can create your own account and verify using otp. forgot your password? no need to worry. you can reset easily.

Dashboard Screen

The dashboard is all displayed to the admin where one can see the activity overview of the whole applications.

Calendar View

The Status of the update will be updated to you in the previewed calendor on the panel. the calendar shows the easy way to have a look at the upcoming bookings and finished booking

Booking Screen

The booking screen will display the booking of the appointment that are booked and will be displayed in the screen for checking the update.

User screen

Users screen will show the activity of users includes the booking and appointing the salon and spa services. this screen displays the overview of the user's activity in all.

Banner Screen

The Banner screen shows the and allows the editing. viewing and deleting the data that has been put up on the screen.

Notification template

the notification template will allow the type o notification that has to be sent to users. this allowing in keeping up with the marketing strategy and more.

Other Screens

Other screens are the screens that have been added for the users so that they can get familiar with features of the application

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