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What will you Learn ?


Learn how to harness the power of Photoshop to create superior images. We'll teach you how to perform key image editing, including retouching, sharpening, and color correction.


Build strong Excel skills by solving real world exercises. You will be equipped with knowledge you need to accomplish your daily tasks with ease.


Learn all the essentials of Tally(Latest Version) - Accounting, Inventory, GST, GTA, Banking, Payroll, and Manufacturing.

Who Can Learn


Are you a student who is eagerly waiting to kickstart their professional journey? Photoshop, tally and excel are the most rewarding and profitable in your career.

Working Professionals

Do you want to climb up the professional ladder and rise about your contemporaries? these courses are the right way to upgrade your skills and take your career to greater heights.


Taking an online course in tally, excel and photoshop can provide skills and inspiration to get you on your way. Generating an entrepreneurial mindset can improve how you think about business opportunities.

Expand your career opportunities with online Courses

Fast-track your career in Photoshop, tally and excel today with practical training you can apply on the job.

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