What are the Documents required to become an online seller on different marketplaces usually?

To register as a seller on marketplaces you need documents usually like:

  • Identity Proof like voter ID/ Aadhar card etc.

  • PAN card

  • Email Id

  • Phone number

  • TIN certificate copy for selling taxable items.

  • Bank account details( to receive payments).

  • Some marketplaces require brand authorization for selling branded items.

Is A Trademark Necessary For Flipkart Seller?

No, it is not mandatory to have your trademark registered to sell on Amazon/Flipkart, but it is advised to get a trademark to avoid brand hijack.

How Do I Get A Brand Approval Letter?

You can get the brand authorization letter from the brand owner or the company who is eligible to authorize you as their trusted supplier or vendor. There are some brand authorization letter samples you can search on through which you can get the idea on the structure of it.

How Much Time Does It Take For Brand Approval On Flipkart?

Usually It takes 48 hours to process a brand approval request. If your brand is approved, you will get an email notification for support tickets on your Flipkart Dashboard.

What should I do if my package is lost or damaged?

1 Check the policy regarding lost or damaged items for both the shipping company and the company you have ordered from.
2 Take photos of the damaged packaging or any damaged item
3 File claims to ensure you get the items you originally ordered or your money back

How can I prevent damaged goods returns?

Choosing the right-sized box is the most important thing to do to prevent damaged goods returns. Choosing a reliable courier can go a long way, so be sure to be cautious when choosing a courier to ship your goods domestically or internationally.

Is it possible to get stuck Amount from Amazon?

Yes, It is Possible.

What is a SAFE-T Claim?

SAFE-T Claim stands for Seller Assurance for Ecommerce Transactions. This feature enables sellers to request reimbursement appeals from Amazon.

What is Seller Protection Fund (SPF) in Flipkart?

(SPF) A seller protection fund, it is a facility that enables online sellers to claim a certain amount as compensation for unfair losses. At the Flipkart Sellers’ hub, this can be done either via the returns dashboard or through the ticket dashboard.

Is it possible to make our item non-returnable from our end?

No, It’s not Possible to change it from your end. It depends on category wise and the portal itself decides that the product are non-returnable or 10 days or 30 days returnable.

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