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Do you still manually calculate your Amazon profit margins using a plethora of formulas? Access and monitor all of your Amazon sales and profit breakdowns in one place.
Without having to manually sift through reports, you can compare the products that are costing you money to those that are bringing you profits.

Get Reviews & Feedback

Improve your feedback score, rank higher and sell more! Our Amazon email automation provides the results you require without requiring a time commitment. Setting up your account is quick and simple, whether you use the Amazon Request a Review message or Buyer-Seller Messaging.

Protect your brand. Monitor 24×7

Concerned about hijackers stealing your sales? ASIN piggybacking – the legally sanctioned Amazon business strategy – could turn out to be a dirty play for a private labeller or even a major brand. Maintain the trust you’ve built for your band by constantly monitoring your listing for hijackers and cheap knockoffs.

Track Negative Feedback

The most recent negative feedback may have the greatest impact on your sales. While reviews are difficult to come by on Amazon, the biggest concern is negative feedback, which could hurt your sales and even get you kicked out of the buybox.
Receive immediate notifications for every product review.

Get Buy Box Alerts

Keep track of the sellers to whom you are losing the buybox and the reasons for your loss, as well as their pricing strategies.
Determine which products you may lose the buybox due to inventory levels. When you lose the buy-box, you will be notified immediately.

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